Church Council invites all members of Epiphany to join with us during the brunch between services on Sunday,, September 10 th , to share in a forum concerning the current challenges and opportunities involved in being the living body of Christ here in Conyers..

Please join with us at that time as we present an overview of the activi– ties,, currently underway and being planned,, which Church Council has identified as key efforts in the current life of our church..

As you hopefully recall,, the first Church Council Forum of 2017 was held between services on Sunday,, May 7th.. We again thank all who par– ticipated and shared their questions,, comments and concerns during that gathering.. Now that the summer months have passed and we move into September,, we hope that even more of our church family can attend this second scheduled time of sharing..

Moving forward as a church to do God’s work in Conyers,, we will con– tinue to hold regularly scheduled forums such as this one so that all members of Epiphany will join with Church Council to address the challenges and opportunities which God will continue to provide for us..

Your brother in Christ,,

Bob Ard,, Council President

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