Transformational Ministry 2.0 equips congregational transformation/renewal teams to engage the congregation in a journey for ‘Yet Another Path’ to become centered in its identity (Who are we?); discern its purpose (Why are we here?), and re-root in its context (Who is our neighbor?) leading to a congregational missonal plan. The Transformational Ministry journey is designed to help the congregation think, perceive, and behave as a missional congregation. It is designed to create a sense of holy urgency leading the congregation into God’s preferred future (‘Yet Another Path’) for its mission and ministry (missional vocation). What is God calling, transforming, and sending the congregation to be and do?

Participating in God’s mission in the world is not a solo project for isolated individuals. God’s reconciling work requires the formation of a disciple community – the body of Christ faithfully working, learning, worshipping,
and witnessing together so that all might know, believe and live by the wonder- ful good news of Jesus Christ. God’s mission has and needs a church.

Transformational Ministry 2.0: ‘Yet Another Path’ is a journey for the formation of a disciple community – a committed community of Christ’s followers – indicates a transformation – a shaping of the congregation into a radically new vision, new ways of thinking, and new patterns of behavior. It’s an invitation to a journey…a call to a way of congregational life inside-and-out that reflects God’s vision for the world, and matches a biblical vision of God’s mission in the world.

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