Happy Easter everyone! Thank you all for your generosity in donations of eggs, candy, and miscellaneous items for the 2018 Epiphany Egg hunt. Thanks to all the volun- teers for preparing the eggs, hiding the eggs and assisting in the egg hunt activities. God bless you all! Over fifty children participated in the hunt. Easter baskets and bags were all filled to the brim for every child. Fun was had by everyone and love was surely evident as Epiphany truly opened its arms in a beautiful Christian embrace. Let us look forward to the 2019 Epiphany Egg hunt. May we continue to seek God through his word, may we continue to love and uplift each other and may we continue to avail ourselves to our community.

The Transformation Team meeting, April 3, 2018 was highlighted by the members discussing and completing the Congregational Vitality Survey that we received from the ELCA. Through this survey the team identified areas of strength and weakness of Epiphany. Epiphany’s ability to nurture people’s faith, deepen people’s relationship with God, be a pos- itive force in the local community and readiness to try new ideas are all strengths identified by the Transformational Team. Bravo! In our transformation, God compels us to continue to grow our faith individually and collectively; as well as, continue to become an even greater beacon to our local community. Incorporating new members into congregational life, seeking out and using the gifts of its members, equipping members with opportunities to share their faith and providing a clear sense of mission are the perceived areas in need of improvement. The perception of the Transformation Team seeks Epiphany to not only embrace new mem- bers but encourage and provide opportunities for new members to get involved with all spects of the Church. How well do all of our members know their spiritual gifts? How well do we use the gifts of all our members? Ponder those questions as we the Transformational Team seek answers. The team would also like to promote more opportunities for all the members to share their faith with each other and with the community. Perhaps and most importantly, the team seeks the mission statement and mission of Epiphany to be more inclusive of all of God’s children. How might we, Epiphany Lutheran Church, better state inclusiveness and truly embrace in Christian love all of God’s people in our community?

Prayer and seeking the word of God must be our focus and mainstay. Christ is our in- spiration. His ministry of forgiveness, acceptance and love to all must become our ministry. Let us continue to strive for improvement and transformation in all our endeavors. Together we can achieve the ministry God has instore for Epiphany Lutheran Church.

Prayerfully and Respectively Submitted, Michael Thompson






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