This annual report finds us halfway through our eighth year of preschool. So many children have participated & graduated onto “big school” as the children call it. Many of our original children will be turning 11 this year and then in the next couple of years the start of middle school. When we look back at pictures from that first year & their little baby faces we can’t believe that time has pasted so quickly by.


Throughout the year we have had many special moments with the children and their families. Valentine’s parties, a delightful leprechaun who plays mischievous tricks on us on St. Patrick’s day, Donuts for Dad, Mother’s Day Sack Lunch Social, Trunk or Treat in October, our favorite meal of the year, Thanksgiving and a special Christmas program with singing and dancing. For the first time this year, we enjoyed Breakfast with Santa. The children and families were able to spend some one on one time with Santa Claus while enjoying a delicious breakfast and decorating cookies. A great time was had by all!

This year in August we started our year with the same group of teachers from last year. We have since made some changes in our two year old program that will make it stronger and very successful. We have welcomed two new teachers that are doing a great job!


Through out the year we average between 50-60 children and use seven of our classrooms. For the 2016-2017 school year we have continued with dance and tumble classes. The children have really enjoyed these and we love watching them tumble and tap and twirl and whirl to the music. I have had the pleasure of enjoying music with our classes twice a month while Ms. Mary Lou is doing special art classes with the children. Each have been a wonderful success. From the start of the school year in August we have seen the children blossom in this program as they learn and grow with the help and support of our fabulous staff. From tears of separation on the first day to squeals of delight as they play with new friends, our program may not always be quiet but we have a new understanding of “making a joyful noise unto the Lord.”


Building this program has been an incredible experience. We have enjoyed sharing God’s word and love with our students as we set them on the first leg of their learning journey. Our faith has been strengthened as we have seen how the congregation has helped and supported us as we grow. This ministry has allowed us to touch so many lives. We continue our fundraising efforts to fund the Ron Ewerth Scholarship program through events like the Chick-fil-A nights, ELPaint Night, Little Caesar’s pizza sales and hosting brunch.


We look forward to the many new opportunities to share God’s love and to walk in faith as our program grows. We want to thank each and every one of you who have supported us and this wonderful ministry.

For more information about our program or to find out about registration, please contact me at 770-679-1346.

In Christ,

Teresa Lyons

Program Director