The Centering Prayer Group met the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Prayer Chapel next to Salem United Methodist Church, 3962 Salem Road.  We meet simply to engage in the ancient practice of contemplative prayer using the methods taught as Centering Prayer as our guide.  The purpose of this prayer is to rest in silence for 20 minutes and connect with the Spirit that is present in all of us. By regularly opening ourselves to the Presence in this intentional, focused way, we find we become more aware of the Spirit’s constant presence at all other times and through all the circumstances of our daily lives.  All are invited to join us for a few minutes of quiet resting in the Spirit. It is small group from Epiphany, Salem UMC and St. Simons Episcopal churches. We pray in silence for 20 minutes. We would welcome anyone who wants to join us.
Evelyn Brown