Education Highlights

Sunday School now begins at 9:00 AM with classes for all ages.


During Children’s Chapel kids  learn Bible stories and the Seasons of the church. Chapel allows children to learn these things in an age appropriate way while also allowing for questions and explanations.

We invite those children who are pre-k 4 and Kindergarten age to join two of our volunteers in the Chapel following the Children’s Sermon or immediately prior to the sermon.

We operate on a two week rotation of volunteers.  Our volunteers are very dedicated to this ministry with young children. The addition of upper elementary/middle school volunteers is exciting. These older children are generally chapel “graduates” that enjoy serving the younger children.

If you are interested in volunteering in a significant way without a significant time commitment, Chapel is a great place to do that. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the faith development of the children of Epiphany!


Currently our Nursery is available as a volunteer based program.


Epiphany’s Vacation Bible School took place June 10th-13th. The theme was Fun at the Fair – Uniting with Christ.


We hosted our annual community VBS for Special Needs children and families July. This vacation bible school is for children who have special needs and require extra attention and activities that help them to manage their behaviors along with learning about Jesus. The theme this past year was “Game On!”  There are lessons, games, dinner for families, crafts, and special guests who give the children a chance to explore and experience community sources such as Firemen, EMT’s, and Sheriffs,  Deputies along with other guests.


Confirmation is that period in the faith growth of our youth, in which they have the opportunity over a three-year period to learn the basics of the Lutheran faith.  At the end of this time, the youth choose to affirm their baptism in a special service on Pentecost. This year on Pentecost Sunday, May 20, Dakota Atkins affirmed his faith and was confirmed into the life of the church.  This year we have six confirmation students.  We have been studying Luther’s Small Catechism.


We currently have three opportunities for adult education.  On Sunday mornings, during the education hour, we have an adult class that meets on a variety of subjects. On Thursday mornings at 7 am, the men of the church meet for breakfast and Bible study. 8-12 men attend the breakfast.  We read over the lessons for the coming Sunday. On the first Tuesday of each month, Pastor David leads a study at the monthly WELCA meeting.  This year, we have been studying Women of the Bible.


The education ministry is led by a volunteer committee. This committee works together to make decisions and lead the education ministry in an organized and rewarding way for all members.


In an effort to further promote a safe and rewarding experience for our children and families, Epiphany Lutheran Church requires Youth Protection Training. Each adult working with any of the youth programs is required to attend a YPT workshop. This serves to protect our children and teachers, and promote Epiphany as a safe place. We have recently revised our YPT program to provide remote access to this training.