‘WINGS’ is an informal fellowship/service group that meets once a month during the school year. We meet between services in the church library. We have found it beneficial to take a couple of months off during the busy summer.

Our main service project for the year was sending care packages to Epiphany’s college students. This was our twelfth year of sending packages. Six care packages are sent throughout the school year. They included such things as inspirational notes, snacks, gift cards, candy and other surprises. Occasionally, we double the amount of care packages assembled so each college student from Epiphany can give an extra package to a friend, a roommate or another student at his/her school.   These packages have been well received and we enjoy using them as a means of keeping these young adults connected to their church family.

In the fall, we asked the congregation to help support our group. The response was overwhelming and we are so grateful! We continue to be support for the members of our group and for other projects in the church throughout the year.

In His Service,

Denise Baker