Children’s Chapel

Children’s Chapel is a ministry for our entire congregation. Our time together is spent worshiping.  We learn liturgy in a directed way, through echoing and repetition most of these children can say the Lord’s Prayer as well as any adult, and they are working on other prayers and liturgical responses as well. They learn Bible stories and the Seasons of the church during their time in chapel. Chapel allows children to learn these things in an age appropriate way while also allowing for questions and explanations.

We invite those children who are pre-k 4 and Kindergarten age to join two of our volunteers in the Chapel following the Children’s Sermon or immediately prior to the sermon.

If you are interested in volunteering in a significant way without a significant time commitment, Chapel is a great place to do that. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in the faith development of the children of Epiphany!


Currently our Nursery is available at the 10:00 a.m. service and is a volunteer based program.

Easter Egg Hunt – April

Easter Egg Hunt for all ages.

VBS – June

There were lessons, crafts, snacks, and music. No matter what station they’re exploring, kids heard the daily Bible Point carefully integrated into each station’s activities to reinforce Bible learning. Each activity is an important part of kids overall learning experience. We also had our second annual community VBS for Special Needs children and families

Special Needs VBS-July

This vacation bible school is for children who have special needs and require extra attention and activities that help them to manage their behaviors along with learning about Jesus. There are lessons, games, dinner for families, crafts, and special guests who give the children a chance to explore and experience community sources such as Firemen, EMT’s, and Sheriff’s Deputies along with other guests.

Trunk or Treat – October

Every October we have a Trunk or Treat in our parking lot.

Children’s Christmas Program –  Early December

We welcome new volunteers and ideas each year as we start to plan the Christmas program as early as July. This ministry usually includes special music and highlights our young talent from ages Pre-K through High School.