In 2018 we continued to experience a decline in giving. As a consequence, the finance committee proposed a budget of that represented a $37,000 decrease from 2018.

For 2019 we have received a pledge amount of $173,316. With a corresponding decrease in pledges, this means that the church council again must be vigilant in watching very closely the finances for the upcoming year. We would like to thank everyone who gave last year whether it be through pledged money, non-pledged money, or simply loose donations in the offering plates. In addition we would like to thank everyone who has pledged for the upcoming year.

2018 was an up-and-down year for investing, and our endowment mirrored that. We finished the year with a balance of $238,861.28. After deducting the annual 5% disbursement of $12,742, that will leave the endowment at $226,119. We thank Gary Specketer as chair of the Endowment Committee, along with committee members Lane Carlisle, Bill Schroeder, Greg Potratz, and Judith Longfellow.

Finally, we would like to thank a number of people who have helped out this past year. The Finance Committee consisted of Ed Riley, Lane Carlisle, Margaret Ramos, and Bill Schroeder. The counters consisted of Bill Schroeder, Virginia Steninger, and Ed Riley. We thank Alan Thomas for the past few years that he served as Financial Secretary, and we thank Sharon Skinner for taking over that role from Alan this year. We especially thank Margaret Ramos for stepping in as a volunteer to be Treasurer. She has done a tremendous job in improving our financial reporting and management. All of these people have had an important role in helping to plan the church’s finances, handle the incoming monies and to verify that the monies were managed properly.

In Christ,
Pastor David